Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week in Review

Start weight: 206.6
  • Mon 6/11:  2.5hrs BJJ.
  • Tues 6/12:  1hr strength, 1hr cardio, 15mins balance, and 2.5hrs digging a big hole (yard project).   
  • Wed 6/13:   1hr strength, 40mins cardio, and 1.5hrs moving gravel/sand bags and bricks (yard project).
  • Thurs 6/14:  3hrs BJJ. 
  • Fri 6/15:  1hr strength (heavy lifting).   
  • Sat 6/16:  Rest day.
  • Sun 6/17:  Rest day.     
Final weight: 210.2 (silly food and wine day...woke up <200 three times this week)

It may not look like much...but moving earth with a pick axe and shovel is not easy!

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