Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week in Review

Start weight:  208.8 lbs
  • Mon 4/21:  1.5hrs cardio (run/swim)
  • Tues 4/22:  1.5hrs BJJ
  • Wed 4/23:   1.25hrs cardio (swim/bike/run)
  • Thurs 4/24: 1.75hrs BJJ
  • Fri 4/25:  Recovery day
  • Sat 4/26:  3.75hrs cardio (cycle)
  • Sun 4/27:  1hr intense cardio (sprint triathlon)
Final weight:  211.0 lbs

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mat Time

Rolled last night for the first time since I tested my knee about a month ago.  I’ll continue to baby it and avoid certain angles/positions as much as possible, but I think the knee will be fine.  Phew.  Class took a bit of a toll on my body.  Although my cardio fitness level is very high from triathlon, BJJ is not aerobic cardio.  In triathlon I’m in control of my heart rate.  I can keep it at 145-155 for hours.  But in BJJ?  I’m not completely in control.  My opponent dictates my energy exertion and heart rate.  At least to some degree.  I felt my heart beating in the red zone many times last night and struggled to bring it down. Today, I’m sore.  But not terribly so.  My fingers hurt the most.  I’m supposed to swim/bike/run tonight.  Half my mind says to rest.  We’ll see how I feel after sitting in an office chair for the next 8hrs.  BJJ again tomorrow night…after my surgery consult. Oh, yeah.  Likely need surgery to repair a finger I dislocated in December that never healed following self-reset.  Hopefully it won’t side-line me too long. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Week in Review

Start weight:  Forgot to weigh
  • Mon 4/14:  Injured recovery day
  • Tues 4/15:  Injured recovery day
  • Wed 4/16:   Injured recovery day
  • Thurs 4/17: Injured recovery day
  • Fri 4/18:  Injured recovery day
  • Sat 4/19:  Injured recovery day
  • Sun 4/20:  Injured recovery day
Final weight:  208.8 lbs

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week in Review

Start weight:  210.0 lbs
  • Mon 4/7:  45mins cardio (swim)
  • Tues 4/8:  Recovery day
  • Wed 4/9:   Recovery day
  • Thurs 4/10:  Recovery day
  • Fri 4/11:  Injured recovery day
  • Sat 4/12:  Injured recovery day
  • Sun 4/13:  Injured recovery day
Final weight:  Forgot to weigh

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week in Review

Start weight:  Forgot to weigh
  • Mon 3/31:  1.5hrs cardio (swim)
  • Tues 4/1:  2.25hrs cardio (cycle)
  • Wed 4/2:   2hrs cardio (swim/bike/run brick)
  • Thurs 4/3:  Recovery day
  • Fri 4/4: Recovery day
  • Sat 4/5:  2hrs cardio (run)
  • Sun 4/6:  Recovery day
Final weight:  210.0 lbs