Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week in Review

Start weight: 206.2
  • Mon 5/28:  Rest day.  
  • Tues 5/29:  1hr strength plus 1hr cardio. 
  • Wed 5/30:  2.5hrs BJJ plus 1hr cardio.  
  • Thurs 5/31: 1hr cardio plus 15min core.  
  • Fri 6/1: 1hr strength plus 35min cardio.   
  • Sat 6/2:  1hr cardio plus 15mins strength and 15mins balance.
  • Sun 6/3:  Rest day.     
Final weight:  206.8


  1. Or you could have written,

    Monday-Saturday: kicked ass and took names.

    Sunday: rest



  2. Ha. Thx Dag. It was a good week for physical fitness, but light on the BJJ. Honestly, I've stayed away from the gym the past couple weeks. Crazy stuff going on for mundials camp. kicked some ass on the swat tryouts too. You'll kill that obstacle next year. Keep 'yer chin up.