Monday, April 29, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  209.4 lbs
  • Mon 4/22:  2hrs cardio (light cycle plus swim)
  • Tues 4/23:  1.5hrs BJJ
  • Wed 4/24:  Rest day
  • Thurs 4/25:  Rest day
  • Fri 4/26:  Rest day
  • Sat 4/27:  Rest day  
  • Sun 4/28:  2.5hrs cardio (half marathon with hurt knee...ugh)
Final weight:  Forgot to weigh.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

8 humbling mins with a white belt

One of our newer white belts, a 175lb 18yr old beast, tapped me by inverted triangle from sankaku jime (watch this).  My stubbornness and ego was the only thing between him and a few more taps before the rough 8mins was up.  The fact that he has a high school wrestling background and is a Brown Belt in judo isn't much of an excuse.  He made a LOT of mistakes.  But he was so darned fast as soon as I recognized opportunities he moved on and I couldn't capitalize.  Felt really pathetic.  A Purple should be able to control him.  I couldn't.      

Monday, April 22, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  No scale.

  • Mon 4/15:  Injury rest day
  • Tues 4/16:  Injury rest day
  • Wed 4/17:  Injury rest day
  • Thurs 4/18:  1hr BJJ (light)
  • Fri 4/19:  Rest day
  • Sat 4/20:  1.25hrs cardio (ITU sprint triathlon)  
  • Sun 4/21:  Rest day
Final weight:  209.4 lbs

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Knee Injury

In Chicago for a work conference.  Went for a run downtown on Sunday.  Lots of dodging people and start/stops at intersections.  My left knee started aching a bit but nothing big.  6.4 miles into the run I started to cross a street and my leg gave out.  I literally fell and couldn't stand up again.  Needed help getting across the street and out of traffic.  Sat on the sidewalk in disbelief for 15 mins or so trying to assess the damage.  Decided to walk a bit.  Got a few steps then had to stop.  A few more steps.  Etc.  Eventually I started walking longer stretches with a limp and found my way back to the hotel. Iced it immediately (and again yesterday).  I'm still not sure what's wrong.  I can walk okay, but it's achy and unstable.  I struggle walking down stairs.

Had planned to train at Comprido's and Carlson Gracies while here.  That's off the agenda.  Also, I have a triathlon this weekend.  It's only a sprint (run part is flat 3.1 miles) so I'm hopeful I can do that.  But I'm worried about the La Jolla Half Marathon coming up in two weeks.  An old roommate I haven't seen in about 10years is coming to town to run it with me.  It's a hilly course so aside from the distance, I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the downhills.  Hmm...

Week in Review

Start weight:  210.2 lbs
  • Mon 4/8:  2.25 hrs cardio (run/swim)
  • Tues 4/9:  1.75 hrs cardio (cycle)
  • Wed 4/10:  1 hr cardio (swim)
  • Thurs 4/11:  1.75 hrs cardio (cycle)
  • Fri 4/12:  2 hrs cardio (easy cycle and fast open water swim)
  • Sat 4/13:  Travel day (Chicago business trip) 
  • Sun 4/14:  1hr cardio (run).
Final weight:  No scale.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  207.4 lbs
  • Mon 4/1:  Rest day
  • Tues 4/2:  1.5hrs BJJ plus 1.5hrs cardio (cycle)
  • Wed 4/3:  1hr cardio (cycle/run)
  • Thurs 4/4:  1hr cardio (run)
  • Fri 4/5:  1hr cardio (cycle and open water swim)
  • Sat 4/6:  1hr stretch (stretchalates class - no joke!) 
  • Sun 4/7:  2.75hrs cardio (cycle)
Final weight:  210.2 lbs

Friday, April 5, 2013


Got scratched behind the ear about 6 weeks ago.  It never healed.  Now it's all puffy, red, and gross looking.  Went to the doctor.  He said it's an infected boil and could be contagious so he advised me to stay off the mats until the antibiotics can run their course.  Grrr...

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  No scale
  • Mon 3/25:  3hrs of very slow snowboarding (sick)
  • Tues 3/26:  Sick day 
  • Wed 3/27:  4.5hrs snowboarding
  • Thurs 3/28:  Recovery day (travel home from Mammoth)
  • Fri 3/29:  Recovery day
  • Sat 3/30:  1hr BJJ (light) plus 45mins cardio (easy jog)
  • Sun 3/31:  1hr cardio (road/trail hill run)
Final weight:  207.4 lbs