Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camp Days 6-9

A few more photos from the last few days of camp.  Day 6 was a Saturday.  We rested Sunday (Day7).  Trained hard Monday (Day 8) and Tuesday (Day 9).  

 Day 6

 View of the Christ statute from Niteroi.  Oil is big business these days in and around Rio. 

Beach in downtown Niteroi (drive-by...)

Our hosts, Professor Rodrigo Pagani and his wife Fernanda.   

 Day 8

Dislocated toe.  Tape does wonders.

 Day 8:  (L-R) Oliver, Gabriel, Stas, Richie, Me


Day 9

Day 9

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week in Review

Start weight:  ???  No Scale.

Note...it's hard to keep track of how long each training session is.  About 2.5-3hrs for each morning session and 1.5-2hrs for evening sessions is pretty close.
  • Mon 7/23:   Morning and evening BJJ.  
  • Tues 7/24:   Morning BJJ.  (Pre-train w/gi = 94.5kg or 208.4lbs.) 
  • Wed 7/25:  Morning BJJ: light drills.  
  • Thurs 7/26:  Rest.  Watched teammates fight.
  • Fri 7/27:  Fight day.  3 fights, about 13mins.  Weighed in 92.2kg (203.3lbs) with my heavy gi.  
  • Sat 7/28:   Watched teammates fight.
  • Sun 7/29:    Rest day.  Supposed to watch teammates fight, but no one came by the house to pick us up...  :(  
Final weight:  ???  No scale.  

Friday, July 27, 2012


Took second in my division at the 2012 Master/Senior Worlds; the last Master/Senior Worlds to be held at the famous Tijuca Tenis Club in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm very pleased with the outcome, although I learned I have a lot to work on. I'll post more later... OSS.

Brazil Camp Photos Day 5

Today is fight day.  Waiting for my ride.  I'm as ready as I'm going to be.  I know what I need to do.  Just have to execute.  Here are some more photos from camp day 5.  After 4 days of 2x training (4-6hrs total each day), they took us to the beach after morning training.  Afternoon training consisted of a nice and semi-challenging hike.  Finished the day by visiting a local night club.

 Itacoatiara beach is in Niteroi, not far from the camp.  The beach sits between two large rock projections.  Fantastic waves.  Gorgeous.  

View of Mt.  Itacoatiara, which represents the eastern boundary of the beach. 

 Looking West.  

Looking east.   



 Angelo chillin' at the base of Mt. Itacoatiara.

Aaron had to join him.  

Saulo and Aaron.  

Professors Renato and Tom. 

The waves were amazing.  Well over head.  Good form. 

Start of the hike.  

 Near the summit of Mt. Itacoatiara.

Summit!  Very rewarding.  

Oh yeah.   

W/ Professors Rodrigo and Renato. 

The team. 

 Professor Rodrigo representing. 

The Master, reflecting.  


Night out.   

Table reserved for RJJA!

 A few guys with some of the local gals. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Brazil Camp Photos

Here's some more pics.  I have tons more to share.  But internet connection is slow and there are 8 guys here sharing the same computer/internet line.  Plus...it's almost game time and I need to get sleep.  I'll do my best. 
My bunk.
House has a pool!
This is where we dry our gis and clothes.
Poolside BBQ
Dining room.
Living room (aka my room)
We put a queen matress in between these beds.  4 guys sleep here.

Day 1, morning training.
Day 1, post morning training.

Day 2, post morning training.
Day 3, post morning training.
Saulo and Rodrigo. 
Poker night.  Lasted until 3:30am.  Saulo won. Of course.
Day 2.  Professor Fabio (Mr. Coconut water) and Jeremy from Outliers. 
Saulo, Rodrigo and Daniel.
Daniel, Saulo, and Rodrigo.
Renato, unknown, and Michelle Tavares.
Saulo, Aaron, and Richie.
By Day 4 my grips were shot.