Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Slowly Improving

Symptoms receding. Numbness almost gone, but I can induce tingles by changing posture. Tricep getting stronger, but I still can't post on my left arm. Can't imagine a push-up. Only working out ~4hrs per week. Still can't jog or jump in place without inducing symptoms. Strangely enough my weight is still down a few pounds since the injury. Hopeful that I can return to the mats sometime in February.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Not Alone (in SD)

Wow. Stopped by the gym today for the first time in over a month. Pleased to run into someone I deeply respect, yet hardly know. Explained that I hadn't quit, but had a setback. Turns out he struggles with the same issue. Herniated c5-c6. Understands what I'm going through. He's the second Professor in two cities to look me in the eyes and, I could tell, really understands and cares. He asked me to go with him tomorrow to see his neck specialist. God I love this journey.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Saw the surgeon again Friday. He discharged me and said I'm on my way to recovery. Told me to resume PT/strength & conditioning this week. Suggested I stay off the mats until symptoms are gone. Said it could be a month. Maybe longer. Maybe shorter. I asked him a 1000 questions and made sure he understood BJJ. Instructions still the same. Train if it doesn't hurt and I don't have symptoms. Rest if it hurts or my fingers go numb.

Still...I can't imagine getting back on the mats anytime soon. Pain is pretty much gone, but I get nerve aches in my shoulder, tricep, and forearm. Index finger still dead numb. Tricep is extremely weak too. Went to PT this morning (dang it felt good to do some activity again) and could barely lift four to seven pounds with skull crushers (tricep isolation exercise). I was doing 20lbs with my right arm no problem. I can't post on the left side at all. A single push-up is absolutely impossible.

Oh! Oddly enough I lost weight since early December. Weighed in at 219 this morning (clothed). No exercise plus lots of holiday food and drink equals 5-6lb weight loss. Go figure.

I'll be hitting the gym 3x per week for PT/strength & conditioning. When the numbness goes away and I have sufficient strength in my tricep I plan to get back on the mats. Until then...keep training my friends!