Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2.5hrs + Gracie Mag Appearance

Trained for 2.5hrs last night.  Training culminated in five, eight-minute rounds after 20mins or so of continuous sweep/pass the guard (from half).  Got a Brown, Purple, and three Blues.  Had a fantastic roll with the Brown. He caught me once, but I got a sweep or two, passed his guard a couple times, knee on belly, and mount.  Couldn't finish though.  The Purple destroyed me.  His guard is too good.  Incredible de la riva with solid hooks.  I like his game and feel that I can have a similar guard in time.  Just need to figure out how to coordinate three joints on all four limbs.  One of the Blues handled me.  I handled another Blue.  And I traded subs with the other Blue.  All in all a great night.

Oh...I made an appearance in the latest Gracie Mag.  Pg. 4.  My aggro opponent from the Phoenix Open about to pass my guard.  I guess I can add "super model" to my resume.

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