Monday, March 25, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  211.2 lbs
  • Mon 3/18:  2.5 hrs BJJ
  • Tues 3/19:  Rest day
  • Wed 3/20:  45 mins cardio (run)
  • Thurs 3/21:  1 hr BJJ plus 30 mins cardio (cycle)
  • Fri 3/22:  1.5 hr cardio (swim and cycle)
  • Sat 3/23:  Rest day (travel to Mammoth)
  • Sun 3/24:  Sick day (ugh)
Final weight:  No scale

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rodrigo Pagani Seminar

Professor Rodrigo Pagani gave a 2.5hr seminar last night at UNIJJ.  Rodrigo heads RJJA Brazil from his academy in Niteroi.  He hosted the Rio Camp last summer.  We worked on a kimura/arm bar defense and escape, mount escape (upa variation), curu curu guard/sweeps, magretti choke, and roletti choke.  We drilled each position plus positional sparring.  Finished the seminar with some training.

I've seen the curu curu and magretti/roletti chokes before.  In Brazil and at Pagani's last seminar at UNIJJ about six months ago.  But each time I see them I learn more.  A lot more.  The kimura/arm bar defense and escape was new to me.  Instead of holding onto my belt for dear life and hoping my opponent gives up, I'll implement the basic techniques shown last night (feet flat, head up, bridge, walk head out from underneath, then protect against the arm bar).

Post-seminar training was tough.  Exhausted and sore from the triathlon on Sunday, I was not going to train.  But the team is heading into Pans and a couple guys needed a big guy to spar with so I caved.  It was a challenge.  For sure.  Did remarkably well against an experienced 180lb Master Purple and held my own against a very tough 230lb Adult Blue (who is on a Gold medal terror lately).  I felt like puking after class.  But I'm glad I stuck it out to the end.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  212.4 lbs
  • Mon 3/11:  1 hr cardio (swim) 
  • Tues 3/12:  1.5hrs BJJ
  • Wed 3/13:  45 mins cardio (cycle)
  • Thurs 3/14:  1hr cardio (swim)
  • Fri 3/15:  Pre-triathlon rest
  • Sat 3/16:  Pre-triathlon rest
  • Sun 3/17:  2.75 hrs cardio (Super SEAL Triathlon - Olympic Distance).  
Final weight:  211.2 lbs

Monday, March 11, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  210.2 lbs
  • Mon 3/4:  1hr cardio (swim) 
  • Tues 3/5:  1.5hrs BJJ
  • Wed 3/6:  1.75 hrs cardio (cycle plus run)
  • Thurs 3/7:  1 hr BJJ
  • Fri 3/8:  1 hr light strength and cardio
  • Sat 3/9:  1.5 hrs BJJ
  • Sun 3/10:  Rest day.  
Final weight:  212.4 lbs

Monday, March 4, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  Forgot to weigh

  • Mon 2/25:  1hr cardio (swim) 
  • Tues 2/26:  1.5hrs BJJ
  • Wed 2/27:  1hr strength and conditioning
  • Thurs 2/28:  Rest day
  • Fri 3/1:  1.5 hrs BJJ 
  • Sat 3/2:  1.5 hrs BJJ
  • Sun 3/3:  1hr cardio (run)
Final weight:  210.2 lbs