Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pathetic Performance

Lost three fights at Grappling X this weekend.  The fact that I lost isn't pathetic.  But my performance was.  Lost to the same guy twice in my division (double elimination tourney).  Gassed.  Beat me 4-0 and 7-0.  I lost to him at Nationals last year in the absolute finals. It was a war and I barely lost.  In fact, I was confident that had I had another minute I would have beat him.  This time he destroyed me.  I gassed.  7 min rounds.  Miserable.  I also lost in the absolute by arm bar in about 30 seconds.  My opponent was substantially lighter (probably 170lbs) but lanky.  He pulled guard and shot a triangle.  I postured to defend the triangle and he took my arm.  Ridiculous.   I could tell my coaches were disappointed.  Said my head wasn't in the fight.  Maybe.  I really don't know what happened.  But all I know is I'm going to keep training and keep competing.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  210.4 lbs
  • Mon 2/18:  1hr cardio (jog) plus 45mins strength  
  • Tues 2/19:  1.5hrs BJJ
  • Wed 2/20:  30mins cardio (swim) plus 30 mins strength
  • Thurs 2/21:  1.5hrs BJJ
  • Fri 2/22:  Rest day
  • Sat 2/23:  45mins cardio (weight cut)
  • Sun 2/24:  Grappling X (3 fights.  About 15mins.)
Final weight:  Forgot to weigh

Monday, February 18, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  210.4 lbs
  • Mon 2/11:  Rest day
  • Tues 2/12:  1.5hrs BJJ plus 30mins brisk walk
  • Wed 2/13:  1hr strength 
  • Thurs 2/14:  1.5hrs BJJ
  • Fri 2/15:  1hr cardio (run)
  • Sat 2/16:  1.5hrs cardio (cycle)
  • Sun 2/17:  Rest day (16 holes of golf with a cart)
Final weight:  210.4 lbs

Friday, February 15, 2013


I'm struggling.  Have been for a few months now.  I rely on strength too much and my technique is sloppy.  I have only a handful of techniques that flow.  My promotion to Purple a few months back has granted me almost exclusive access to Purple through Black belts.  I'm getting thrashed.  Regularly.  And on the rare occasion that I get work with lower belts, I find myself in trouble too often.  Not only do I not see progress since Master/Senior Worlds last fall, I feel regression.  Not that I expected things to be different.  I'm just surprised that it is taking as long as it is to get used to the new belt.  So, what's my game plan?  Simple.  Just keep showing up and keep training.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  211.4 lbs
  • Mon 2/4:  ~1hr cardio (6+ mile jog)
  • Tues 2/5:  1.5hrs BJJ
  • Wed 2/6:  1hr BJJ plus 1hr strength
  • Thurs 2/7:  Pre-race rest
  • Fri 2/8:  Pre-race rest
  • Sat 2/9:  Pre-race rest
  • Sun 2/10:  2hrs cardio (half marathon)
Final weight:  210.4 lbs

Monday, February 4, 2013

Week in Review

Start weight:  208.4 lbs
  • Mon 1/28:  1.25hrs strength/cardio.     
  • Tues 1/29:  2.25hrs cardio (13.8 mile jog).
  • Wed 1/30:  1hr BJJ
  • Thurs 1/31:  1.5hrs BJJ
  • Fri 2/1:  3.25 hrs cardio (50.3 mile cycle with 1,800 ft elevation)
  • Sat 2/2:  Rest day.
  • Sun 2/3:  0.75hr cardio (3 mile beach jog)  
Final weight:   211.4 lbs (dang Super Bowl!)