Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Triangles Galore

Stopped by Team HK again today for 2hrs.  First hour focused on combatives.  Street fighting without a gi top.  Worked triangle guard to fend off strikes and finish.  An hour of triangles and my neck was DONE.  Second hour emphasized turtle attacks.  Lots of cool stuff that I hope I can remember.  But some of it was way beyond me.

Oh!  Met a Honolulu PD officer from Arroyo Grande (15miles from where I grew up).  Turns out he played water polo in high school the same time I did.  I'll have to check my scrap book.  We must have faced off against each other in the pool many times.

Strength and balance session tomorrow then back to CA.  Need to get my visa straightened out...ASAP.


  1. uhhhh, i just got a text from one of my atos guys telling me there was some sort of masters and seniors tournament here in the US on OCt 17. long beach.

    what do you know??

  2. Yes, that's what I hear too. October 7th though. http://www.graciemag.com/2012/06/ibjjf-announces-master-european-no-gi-open/#.T-o0VqzfChQ.facebook

    Still having the International Master/Senior worlds in Rio in July.

  3. Go tear it up! I was never able to go. But the idea of the one in October was enough to get me back on the mats today!