Friday, August 3, 2012


The world famous Tijuca Tenis Club.  I spent three full days here.  Tried my best to absorb the atmosphere and enjoy.


 The famous green mats.  So soft.  Really.  Must have been from the years of wear. 

Two teammates in the bullpen on Day 1. 

Two Masters:  Paqueta and Saulo.  

Saulo, Terere, and Aaron. 

Rodolfo Vieira


 Professor Rodrigo sets up Curu-curu guard.

Up, up, and?  


Donk.  He smacked his head so hard.  

 Much better pic of the same moment.

 Curu-curu sweep to side.  

Angelo (left)

 Jeremy getting ready. 




Oliver's first absolute win.

Oliver = Absolute Champ!   

 Oliver Campeo! 

Semper Fi GySgt Phil 

 Richie (left) = Division Champ and Absolute Prata


Saramago with Prof Renato. 

Master Saulo in the bullpen.

Master Saulo = Division Champ

Master Saulo and RJJA!


 Master Saulo Campeo

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