Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beat Down

My body's beat.  Beat down to parade rest.  Not sure why but I ache all over.  Especially the elbows and upper back/lower neck.  Went to noon class anyway.  Technique included a half guard pass.  Required good timing and pressure.  I'll need to work on it more.  Trained with two Blues (both Juvenile World Champs) and a Purple.  One Blue caught me in a triangle.  The other Blue caught me with a straight ankle lock.  Both had me contorted in all sorts of positions and swept me at will.  I caught one of the blues with a knee to lip.  Poor kid.  Split open, really fat, and gnarly.  Welcome to California!

I had nothing for the Purple.  Nothing.  Typical for this particular guy.  I tweaked my own elbow trying to sweep him via butterfly.  At one point he passed and I couldn't move.  He transitioned to north/south then to mount and finish.  Think it was an arm triangle.  I had no space and no energy to try to make space.  I feel badly because this guy's my weight and a Master.  So I should be able to put of some kind of fight.  But I can't seem to get anything going with him.

Heading to San Luis Obispo this weekend.  Bringing my gi, but not sure I'll be able to break away for some training at Paragon SLO.  I'll try though.  I love visiting there.

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