Tuesday, August 7, 2012

7lbs is a lot of sweat!

Hot, hot, hot in the gym today. But glad to be back on the mats with the team. Long warm up that culminated in a lot of drills. After 30mins my gi was soaked. Technique was simple. Fundamental guard break/pass and then arm bar from guard with a more advanced variation. Finished with 10min rounds. I got two purples, both of whom picked me apart. I felt like a rag doll. Arms and legs were jello. Tapped far too many times to count. It was quite humbling. Had to sit the third round. Weighed myself before and after class. Lost over 7lbs. That's a lot of sweat.

 Oh! Be sure to check out Professor Tom Oberhue's pics and account of our Brazil camp. http://www.5rjj.com/members/content/ribeiro-training-camp-paganis-beautiful-new-academy-brazil-2012

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