Monday, September 10, 2012

2012 American Nationals Recap.

Took second in my division and second in absolute.  Second, second, second.  Getting tired of second.  Bleh.

Won my first division fight 13-0.  Lost final 2-0.  Was down an advantage with 15 secs or so remaining.  Both standing.  Shot a desperation take down and he used my momentum to reverse me for a takedown.  I know what to do next time to beat him.  Just couldn't think of it during the fight but he left some gaping holes.

Won my first two absolute matches by submission.  First opponent was Med-Heavy.  Got him with a choke from technical mount.  Not sure what the score was but I had to have been up at least 9-0.  Second opponent was Super Heavy.  Armbar from mount after he wouldn't tap to palm-up / palm-down choke attempt.  I think I was up 7 or 9-0.  Not sure if I held knee on belly long enough before transitioning to mount.

Absolute final was a battle.  I knew it would be.  He was 2012 Pan Am Med-Heavy champ and I've seen him fight at other tourneys.  Very technical.  Aggressive.  Great scrambler.  Tough.  I pulled guard and swept him.  He scrambled so I couldn't secure him and he got a very good deep half position.  Swept me and I was in his half guard.  But he landed in a strong position.  I was flat on my back and cross-faced.  He fought hard and passed guard.  Down 5-2.  I escaped and reversed when he attempted to mount.  Poured on the pressure and forced him to turtle.  Got one hook and worked for the second hook, but time ran out.  Oh well.  Next time.  And there WILL be a next time.  Master/Senior Worlds.  Next month.  :)

Some other photos from the tourney.

Division final.  Was very pleased with my guard recoveries from turtle. 

Absolute final.  In a bad spot. 

Breathing exercises. 

Linda.  :)

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